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BCH5425 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

BCH5425 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Spring 1998
Dr. Michael Blaber

Lecture 11

Bacteria, cont. Growth and Reproduction

Flagella and motility

Motility is due to the presence of one or more flagella.

Growth and Reproduction

Essential requirements for growth include:


Cells need a source of:

Although a given bacteria typically uses a limited range of compounds, bacteria as a group can utilize a wide range of compounds as nutrients:


Energy is needed for

Phototrophic vs chemotrophic bacteria



Thermophilic bacteria

Mesophilic bacteria

Psychrophilic bacteria



Inorganic ions

All bacteria need low concentrations of certain inorganic ions in order to functions, e.g.

Growth in a single cell (e.g. Escherichia coli - a gram negative bacillus)

The cycle of events in which a cell grows, and divides into two daughter cells, is called the cell cycle.

"Slow Growth"

The cell division cycle can be thought of as a linear sequence of three periods: I, C and D

For the above type of slow growth, the relationship between these three periods is as follows:

"Rapid Growth"

1998 Dr. Michael Blaber