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Adenovirus Made Easy

Welcome to the AdEasy System.....


 A simplified system for generating recombinant adenoviruses
Tong-Chuan He, Shibin Zhou, Luis T.Da Costa, Jian Yu,
Kenneth W. Kinzler, and Bert Vogelstein
Howard Hughes Medical Institute & Johns Hopkins Oncology Center
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA   95:2509-2514, 1998


A practical guide for using the AdEasy system

Threre are now three ways to obtain AdEasy components.  

AdEasy Got Easier (Use of AdEasier-1 cells for generating adenoviral recombinants)

Vector maps and sequences

Cells for producing adenoviruses

Homogeneity of adenoviruses produced by the AdEasy system

Technology transfer and licensing information




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pBV-Luc Vector Map

pBV-Luc Vector Sequence