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Agarose Gels

To make a 1% agarose gel:

Weigh out 1g of BioRad High Strength Analytical Grade Agarose Ultra Pure DNA Grade

Add to 100ml of autoclaved 1x TAE (see below for 50X solution)

Microwave the solution in order to dissolve the agarose

Let cool to 60C

(at this point ~1-2ul of 10mg/mL EBr may be added : soaking the gel in Ethidium Bromide later will not be necessary)

Pour into the electrophoresis apparatus

After gel has solidified, pour the 1x TAE into the gel box, and remove comb.  Samples are loaded into the gel only after  the buffer solution is in the gel box covering the gel.

50X TAE Buffer
Make a 50x stock and dilute to 1x before use (1x= 20ml of 50x brought up to 1 Liter):

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