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Method: Long Term Lambda Phage Storage

June 7 1990

Srini Ramachandra


Time required:


  1. Mix 0.1 ml lambda lysate with 1ml LBM. Vortex briefly.

  2. Label two sterile 2 ml cryo-vial tubes with the clone name.

  3. In a hood and wearing gloves add 35 ul DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) to each tube.

  4. Add 0.5 ml of the diluted lambda lysate to each of the DMSO- containing tubes. Vortex briefly. Store both tubes at -80 degrees C.

  5. To remove phage from storage the material need not be thawed. Open the tube and scratch the surface of the frozen material with a sterile needle. Streak onto the appropriate host strain and isolate a single phage plaque for new lysate growth and subsequent use. The frozen phage stock should be recapped and returned immediately to -80 degrees C storage.

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