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Method: Gel Assay to Determine DNA Content of Phage Lysates

June 7 1990

Srini Ramachandra


Time required:


  1. To 10 ul of lysate add 4 ul of 2.5X SDS-EDTA dye mix (recipe is in the lambda media and solutions section).
  2. Heat sample to 65 degrees C for 5 minutes and load onto an agarose gel. Also load three lambda DNA concentration standards of 10 ng 50 ng and 100 ng. Run the gel until the 2 dyes have separated about 1 cm stain and photograph.
  3. Compare the lysate sample to the standards and estimate the amount of DNA. Good plate lysates usually have 50-100 ng DNA/10ul. Good liquid lysates have 10-50 ng DNA/10ul.


    By the gel assay 10 ul of lysate has 50 ng DNA. If 3.0 ml of the lysate is processed and if we assume a 70% recovery of DNA in the 20 ul final volume the result will be 525 ng DNA/ul TE.


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