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Solutions for Linear and Convex Gradient Gels

-Lower Tris Buffer (500ml):

 1.5M Tris-Base

 pH to 8.8 w/ HCL  (use 10M)

 Bring up to 500ml w/ dH2O

-40% Acrylamide (200ml):

 80g acrylamide (found in drawer containing hazardous gel components)
 2.758g bis acrylamide (found w/ hazardous gel components)

 Bring up to 200ml with dH2O

 May need to use a little heat to get into solution

 Add a scoop of charcoal

 Filter sterilize

-66% Sucrose (100ml):

 66g of sucrose

 Bring to 100ml of dH2O

 Heat to get into solution

 Filter sterilize


 Use distilled, autoclaved water

-10% SDS (1L):

 100g SDS

 Bring up to 1 Liter

-10% Ammonium Persulfate

 1g of ammonium persulfate
Bring up in 10ml of dH2O

For the stacking:

-Upper Tris Buffer (500ml):

 0.5M Tris-Base

 pH to 6.8 w/ HCL (use 10M)

 Bring up to 500ml with dH2O