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Normaski Optics

Procedure for obtaining Optimal Normaski optics on the LeitzDiavert Interphase Contrast Microscope

Using the 10X objective, focus on an object and then center for bright filed as follows.

1. Pull the analyser out to the position indicated:

2. Flip the interferance contrast condenser out.

3. Close the field diaphragm below the the lamp housing.

4. Move the condenser until the field is focused.

5. Center the filed

6. Open the filed diaphragm to illuminate the whole field.

7. Move the analyser in:

and change to 20X objective.

8. Flip the interferance contrast condenser back in.

9. Move the l plate out, pulling the bottom knob on the condenser.

10. Rotate the polarizer until the "darkest image" is obtained.

11. Move the l plate into the beam by pushing in the bottom knob on the condenser. The image should be bright pink. Rotate the polarizer and ajust the light source to obtain the required color.

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