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Phenol Extractions M.4: PHENOL/CHLOROFORM EXTRACTION OF DNA                                  Go Home
1.   Add an equal volume of buffer-saturated phenol:chloroform (1:1) to the DNA solution.
2.   Mix well. Most DNA solutions can be vortexed for 10 sec except for high molecular weight
      DNA which should be gently rocked.
3.   Spin in a microfuge for 3 min.
4.   Carefully remove the aqueous layer to a new tube, being careful to avoid the interface.
      (Steps 1-4 can be repeated until an interface is no longer visible)
5.   To remove traces of phenol, add an equal volume of chloroform to the aqueous layer.
6.   Spin in a microfuge for 3 min.
7.   Remove aqueous layer to new tube.

8.   Ethanol precipitate the DNA