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Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification Manual
last update April 27, 2000


This 180-page manual collects a wide variety of reliable protocols and technical tips and will enable you to quickly find the most optimal method for your specific needs.

Below is the table of contents. To select a chapter section, click on the corresponding page number. The chapters below are in Acrobat PDF format and must be viewed, searched, and printed with version 3.0 or above of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader


Chapter 1: Introduction

Selection Chart 3
Product Information and Major Subsequent Applications 4
Overview of Nucleic Acid Purification and Isolation 6
Methods described in this Manual 7

Chapter 2: High PureTM Technology and Silica Adsorption

Overview of Silica Adsorption 10
High PureTM PCR Template Preparation Kit 13
High PureTM PCR Product Purification Kit 20
High PureTM Plasmid Isolation Kit 27
High PureTM RNA Isolation Kit 32
High PureTM Viral RNA Kit 38
High PureTM Viral Nucleic Acid Kit 42
General Troubleshooting Procedure for all High PureTM Kits 46
PCR Clean Up Kit 53
Agarose Gel DNA Extraction Kit 58

Chapter 3: Solution-based Isolation

Overview of Solution-based Isolation 64
Split SecondTM DNA Preparation Kit 66
DNA Isolation Kit for Mammalian Blood 72
Plant DNA Isolation Kit 79
TriPureTM Isolation Kit 86

Chapter 4: Affinity Purification

Chapter 4a: Kits for Genetic Research

Overview of Kits for Genetic Research 94
mRNA Capture Kit 96
mRNA Isolation Kit 101
Triple HelixTM Plasmid Insert DNA Isolation Kit 108

Chapter 4b: Kits for Isolation of mRNA for Biomedical Research

Overview of mRNA Isolation Kits for Biomedical Research 114
RNA/DNA Stabilization Reagent for blood/Bone Marrow 118
mRNA Isolation Kit for Blood/Bone Marrow 119
mRNA Isolation Kit for White Blood Cells 126

Chapter 5: Gel Filtration

Overview of Gel Filtration 134
Quick SpinTM Columns for radiolabeled DNA/RNA purification 136
Quick SpinTM Columns Linkers 6 140

Chapter 6: Premium Performance Products for PCR and RT-PCR

Introduction 146
TitanTM One Tube RT-PCR System 147
Other Options for RT-PCR and Reverse Transcription 148
ExpandTM PCR System 149
ExpandTM High Fidelity 150
ExpandTM Long Template 151
ExpandTM 20 KbPLUS 151

Chapter 7: Appendix

Tips for Handling Nucleic Acids 154
Conversion Tables and Formulas 157
Buffers and Gels for Electrophoresis 161
Fragment Sizes of DNA Molecular Weight Markers and Recommended Types of Agaroses 163
Other Useful Information 164

Chapter 8: Ordering Guide

Ordering Guide 168

Chapter 9: Index

Index 178
Disclaimers ii
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