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Lab Protocols  

Experimental Protocols

Note: All procedures are done at room temperature and with double distilled water unless otherwise stated.

DNA Preparation
Preparation of DNA Samples (updated 12/3/99)
Slide Preparation
Poly-l-Lysine coating of slides (updated 10/6/99)
Directions for Printing Arrays

RNA amplification
aRNA Amplification (updated 6/15/01)
Nucleic Acid Preparation

Human FastTrack mRNA Isolation (updated 8/9/99)

Preparation of total RNA from whole blood collected in PAXgene tubes (updated 6/18/02)

Nucleic Acid Labeling
Reverse Transcription using Cy3- & Cy5-dUTP:
---Yeast (updated 3/29/99)
---Human (updated 3/15/01)
---E. coli (updated 2/22/99)
Reverse Transcription and aa-UTP Labeling of RNA (updated 6/28/00)
Revised amino-allyl labeling protocol (updated 2/3/01)
Labeling Genomic DNA (updated 11/17/00)
Array Post Processing
Post-Processing of Arrays (updated 9/19/99)
Array Hybridization
Array Hybridization-General/Yeast (updated 8/10/99)
Array Hybridization-Human (updated 3/15/01)
Scanning Microarrays

Data Processing

Cy dye HPLC purification
Design of Yeast Genomic Expression Experiments

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