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Whole cell lysis of fibroblasts - Cell Biology**
... while for lysis to take place, or is resuspension enough. Usually what I do after resuspending is sonication in an ice bath and then centrifug. to collect the protein solution (supernatant). 2) My lysis ...
Plant or Fungal Cell Dissociation Technique? - Tissue and Cell Culture**
... (mainly moulds) are 0.01% Tween 80 solution, adding a drop of 70% EtOH to your microscopy slide or sonication. Let me know what worked, as Bd seems to be invading Austria as well now; -gebirgsziege- I ...
Preparation of tree tissue for western blot - SDS-PAGE and Western Blotting**
... . Thanks! -OA17- Hi i have no experience with these kind of samples, but maybe you could try sonication after the grinding? grs -fysio lab-
... at 20v. 3.- My lysis buffer consists in TRITONX100. However, I could try NP40 or SDS buffer and sonication. Since now I failed to find any protein. Do you know some variation which could increase my method ...
Do you really understand the way “titer” “work” in case of transduction of Hela? - Cell Biology**
... ) lower g for longer. The pellet is like a rock, but soaking overnight at 4C and some light sonication fixes that. Trasnduction can take some seriously high titers... on the order of an MOI of 25-100 sometimes ...
cells can't be lysed after crosslinking - Protein and Proteomics**
... remain intact. I think after fixation, the cells become very rigid and indeed, I have to try using sonication. Will update you the results soon. -signstem-
protein extraction from tissue, help - Biochemistry**
... homogenizer won't do since my muscle tissue is very small. Any suggestion on this plz? like sonication? Many thx, Jo -Zhe- in what volume will you be extracting? there are some very small teflon-glass ...
Looking for endogenus expression by using custom antibody - Protein Expression and Purification**
... in WB method to make visible my endogenus protein: larger protein amount, different lysis buffer, sonication instead lysis using detergent... and the only result I obtained was this line. Studying my ...
Protein-DNA interaction... - Protein and Proteomics**
... you too much!) 1) Which kind of DNA did you have? Plasmid, genomic, digested, fragmented (sonicated or similar).... I ask this because I don't know what should I use to check this potential binding ...
Primer optimization for ChIP - ChIP and Next Generation Sequencing**
... DNA as a template for the PCR reaction, however, that's not the case when I use 20% Input of sonicated DNA as a template. I don't think that it's a problem with the quality of sheared DNA ...

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