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Product Name ultrasonic homogenizer low cost solution made in china
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Product Description Ultrasonic Homogenizer SCIENTZ-IID, High efficiency and low cost laboratory homogenizer. Featuring 950W power, with 20KHz converter, 6mm tapered horn, disrupts and homogenizes sample batches from 0.5-600ml. Features: Novel design, Complete-function, Reliable ability Large LCD digital display, Fully microprocessor controlled and completely programmable Auto-tuning for convenience of use and optimal processing efficiency Temperature indicator and controller Power-emitted display for accuracy and repeatability, Variable power output, 0-950 watts Automatic warning system Integrated Sound Abating Chamber to reduce cavitational sound emitted during processing Specification: Power Rating: 950 watts Output Frequency: 20-25 kHz Process sample volume: 0.5mL to 600mL Titanium Horn: 6mm(standard outfit), 2,3,10,15mm (optional) Dimensions: 534X295X435mm Weight: 14.3kg Standards Approval: CE CCC approved The most common applications for the Sonicator are: Mixing, blending, emulsifying, and homogenizing solutions Reducing particle size of suspensions Dispersing suspensions Disrupting cells Catalyzing chemical reactions
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