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Product Name pUM-T Fast Cloning Kit
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Product Description Cloning PCR products into plasmid vectors is a common downstream application of PCR. Currently on the market common TA cloning kit, according to ligation enzymes, can be divided into two kinds: Method 1: T4 ligase method, which is the most common method for TA cloning. Many companies such as P, T developed and sell this kind of products. The advantages of T4 ligase method are as follows: high transformation efficiency, more positive rate; the only shortage is the ligation time is long. Normally the connection the longer, the higher the efficiency, the general fast ligation method requires half an hour to an hour even overnight to achieve the best results. Method 2: Topoisomerase (TOPO) method, which is developed by company I. The advantage of this method is fast ligation in the 5-15 minutes using TOPO. This approach, while fast, but there are some disadvantages, such as ligation efficiency for long fragment (>1.5kb) is lower than T4 ligase. Also, TOPO is sensitive to temperature, less stable. Then, using T4 ligase will not be able to do 10 minutes of fast cloning? No! BioTeke Corporation has introduced a new method for TA cloning in 10-15 minutes using T4 ligase: pUM-T Fast Cloning Kit. This kit combining the advantages of both T4 and TOPO methods not only obtains more transformants and positive colonies, but also finishes TA cloning in 15-minute, significantly saving of the experiment time and to increase efficiency. The pUM-T Fast Cloning Kit still uses T4 ligase, but the ligation system as the independent development of new technologies, can promote fast ligation, the system can also be used in other TA cloning vector of the quick ligation!
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