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Product Name pLV-RNAi Vectors for shRNA
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Product Description pLV-RNAi is a lentiviral-based RNAi vector system that allows efficient delivery of RNAi into cells via lentiviral transduction in some model systems where transfection is inadequate. The pLV-RNAi system provides options for different RNA pol III promoters for shRNA expression and different selectable markers for establishing stable cell lines. In addition, the pLV-RNAi system offers choices of various RNA pol II promoters, which drive different expression levels of the selectable makers in the model system of you choice. Our single oligonucleotide RNAi technology (SORT) for gene silencing delivers a unique feature in the construction of lenti-shRNA expression vectors. Distinct from other shRNA expression vectors currently available, only one DNA oligonucleotide is required for cloning a shRNA sequence into the pLV-RNAi vector. The novelty of this pLV-RNAi vector system offers users with the advantage of lower cost, higher cloning efficiency, and less operational complexity over the other shRNA expression systems. Biosettia's Inducible pLV-RNAi vector system is designed to deliver gene silencing in a tightly regulated fashion in mammalian cell lines. The shRNA expression is suppressed by Tet repressor (TetR) binding to the hybrid H1 promoter containing tetracycline operators (TetO) and RNA interference only takes place in the presence of tetracycline. This inducible RNAi system provides the option of expressing shRNA at certain periods of time.
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Specification1 kit, 20 ul
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