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Product Name Whole Blood DNA Extraction Kit(Spin-column)
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Product Description This kit is based on a modified alkaline-SDS lysis procedure, followed by binding of plasmid DNA to silica-membrane column under appropriate high-salt and low pH conditions. Proteins and low molecular weight impurities are removed by Buffer PE and WB. Then plasmid DNA is eluted from in a low salt and high pH buffer. Features Rapid and convenient. Do not contain poisonous phenol etc and not need carrying ethanol precipitation. Multi-elution can ensure high-purified DNA, which can be applied to all kinds of molecular experiments such as PCR£¬Southern-blot and digestions directly. The silica membranes in the spin-column come from the world-famous company. Unique content can effectively remove the nuclease, even apply to rich-nuclease stains of JM and HB101,
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Vendor Information BioTeke Corporation