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Product Name Taq DNA Polymerase for OEM & Bulk
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Product Description Large scale production of Taq DNA Polymerase by auto fermentator High purity , High quality low price! Supply OEM & Bulk Aidlab is the Biotechnology manufacturer with advanced equipment, consist of many biological technology specialized person, enzyme engineering technology is one of our core . One of Our key tech platform is the Auto fermentator and purification of enzyme. We can manufacture from 5 liter -150 liter fermentator and to express and purify any kind of protein or enzyme you want for research use or medical use. We can take any tech service of protein expression an purification. Taq DNA polymerase is isolated from the E. coli cloning Thermus molecular weight of the product is approximately 94 kDa. It is expressed in large scale in our auto fermentator and purified by our proprietary tech with expensive purification device for medical use. Characteristics: £¨1£© high-sensitivity and high purity £¨2£©high amplification efficiency £¨3£©highly consistent because of large scale production(200 million units with 1 time production of 100 liter fermentation) £¨4£©Lowerst price no company can offer. Low to 1500$ for 1 million Units! All the products passed the QC inspection strictly. We supply OEM and Bulk service for all products and keep secret strictly, hope we can establish steady and long-term business cooperation between us.
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Price 1000$
Specification500,000 Units
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