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Product Name SYBR GreenER™ qPCR SuperMix for iCycler® instrument
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Product Description Novel Formulation Provides More Reliable DataThe SYBR® GreenER™ qPCR SuperMix kits include a new dsDNA-binding dye that produces a brighter signal and significantly less PCR inhibition, for improved qPCR performance over a broad dynamic range. Consistent Specificity and Low-Copy DetectionThe SYBR® View MoreGreenER™ qPCR reagent system minimizes the formation of nonspecific products, including primer-dimers, for greater accuracy across a wide range of targets. The reliability of the SYBR® GreenER™ qPCR reagent system also translates to greater sensitivity. With SYBR® Greener™ qPCR SuperMix, you can consistently detect fewer than 10 copies of a target in genomic DNA.Eight cDNA targets and eight genomic DNA targets were amplified from 1 ng of cDNA and 6 pg of gDNA, respectively, on the ABI PRISM® 7900HT Sequence Detection System using the SYBR® GreenER™ qPCR SuperMix for ABI PRISM® instruments. For all 16 targets, detection was positive in the presence of template but negative for all no-template controls (Table 1).Contents and Storage:SYBR® GreenER™ qPCR SuperMix for iCycler® instruments contains 2X SYBR® GreenER™ qPCR SuperMix premixed with fluorescein. Store at +4°C upon receipt. Guaranteed stable for 6 months when properly stored.
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