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Product Name SV40 Cell Immortalization
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Product Description Several methods exist for immortalizing mammalian cells in culture. One such method is to use viral genes, for example the simian virus 40 (SV40) T antigen, to induce immortalization. SV40 T antigen has been shown to be the simplest and most reliable agent for the immortalization of many different cell types in culture, and the mechanism has been well documented. For the most part, viral genes achieve immortalization by inactivating the tumor suppressor genes (p53, Rb, and others) that can induce a replicative senescent state in cells. Recent studies have also shown that SV40 T antigen can induce Telomerase activity in the infected cells. The most recently discovered approach to cell immortalization is through the expression of Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase protein (TERT), particularly for cells that are most affected by telomere length (e.g. human). This protein is inactive in most somatic cells, but when hTERT is exogenously expressed, the cells are able to maintain sufficient telomere lengths to avoid replicative senescence. Analysis of several telomerase-immortalized cell lines has verified that the cells maintain a stable genotype and retain critical phenotypic markers. However, over-expression of hTERT in some cell types,especially in primary epithelial cells, fails to induce cell immortalization and instead may induce cell death. Recent research has found that co-expression of hTERT catalytic subunit with either p53 or RB siRNA can immortalize human, primary, ovarian, epithelial cells, providing a more authentic normal cell model with well-defined genetic background (Yang G. et al., Carcinogenesis 2007; Yang G. et al., Oncogene 2007). Likewise, over expression of Ras or Myc T58A mutants has also been found to be able to immortalize some primary cell types (Sears R. et al., Genes & Dev. 2000). With years of experience in cell immortalization, ABM has developed the most comprehensive cell immortalization products that comprise of plasmids and retroviral and adenoviral vectors for hTERT, p53 and RB, siRNAs, and SV40 T antigens. We also offer ready-to-use recombinant retroviruses and adenoviruses. All these tools will make your cell immortalization projects simpler and easier than ever before. All our retroviral vectors are derived from Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus (MoMuLV).
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