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Product Name SNAP i.d. Protein Detection System
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Product Description "Developed to meet the needs of our Western blotting customers, the SNAP i.d. system produces blots of a very high quality every time in record time! Unique vacuum-driven technology and a built-in flow distributor actively drive reagents through the membrane, ensuring even distribution. Three different sizes of blot holders accommodate up to three blots each, and two blot holders can be run in parallel. Thus, you can process up to six blots at the same time, quickly optimize conditions and greatly increase your protein detection throughput. Typically, researchers lack the time to optimize their blotting protocols. By shortening the time required for blocking, washing and antibody incubations to 30 minutes, the SNAP i.d. system allows you to optimize your immunodetection conditions for the highest quality results."
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Vendor Information EMD Millipore
MA 01821