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Product Name RNApure High-purity Total RNA Rapid Extraction Kit(Spin-column)
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Product Description The RNApure procedure represents a well-established technology for RNA purification. This technology combines the selective binding properties of a silica membrane with the speed of microspin technology. A specialized high-salt buffer system allows up to 100 ¦Ìg of RNA longer than 200 bases to bind to the RNApure silica membrane. Biological samples are first lysed and homogenized in the presence of a highly denaturing guanidine-thiocyanate¨Ccontaining buffer, which immediately inactivates RNases to ensure intact RNA. Ethanol is added to provide appropriate binding conditions, and the sample is then applied to an RNApure Mini spin-column, where the total RNA binds to the membrane and contaminants are efficiently washed away. High-quality RNA is then eluted in 30¨C100 ¦Ìl water. Features ¡ô Stability, comparable RNA yield with high quality absorbing membrane. ¡ô High-purity, specifically membrane absorption and washing for removing protein and other debris. Expected yields of RNA per mg of tissue or 1 x 106 cultured cells Liver and spleen, 6-10 µg Kidney, 3-4 µg Skeletal muscles and brain, 1-1.5 µg Placenta, 1-4 µg Epithelial cells (1 x 106 cultured cells), 8-15 µg Fibroblasts, (1 x106 cultured cells) 5-7 µg
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