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Product Name Platinum Pfx DNA Polymerase
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Product Description "PlatinumŽ Pfx DNA Polymerase is ideal for amplification of DNA fragments for high-fidelity PCR applications. High fidelity is provided by a proprietary enzyme preparation containing recombinant DNA Polymerase from Thermococcus   Morespecies KOD with proofreading (3´a5´ exonuclease) activity. PlatinumŽ antibody technology provides a simple, automatic hot-start method that improves PCR specificity (2,3) (Figure 1). PCRx Enhancer Solution is included for higher primer specificity, broader magnesium concentration, broader annealing temperature, and improved thermostability of PlatinumŽ Pfx DNA Polymerase."
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Specification500 reactions
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