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Product Name Phalloidin, Biotin-XX conjugate
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Product Description Fluorescent phallotoxins are useful for quantifying F-actin. Phallotoxins shift F-actin monomer/polymer equilibrium toward the polymer, lowering the critical concentration for polymerization up to 30-fold. Phallotoxins also stabilize F-actin filaments and inhibiting depolymerization by cytochalasins. Biotin-XX phalloidin stains F-actin with nanomolar affinity. The long flexible spacer group XX facilitates interaction between biotin and avidin or streptavidin which can be labeled with a fluorophore or an enzyme for visualization of F-actin. Biotin-XX phalloidin can also be used for detecting F-actin by electron microscopy. The content in each vial (100 U) is sufficient to stain ~100 samples with 200 uL staining volume per sample.
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Specification100 U
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Biotium, Inc.
3159 Corporate Pl
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Phone: 510-265-1027