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Product Name OliGlo™ TAMRA Universal Nucleic Acid Labeling Kit - standard size
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Product Description Our OliGlo™ kits utilize a direct labeling methodology through reaction with the phosphate groups (terminal and backbone) on oligonucleotides, DNA or RNA. The active labeling reagents are prepared in situ from stable precursor molecules derived from a variety of highly fluorescent dyes and other detection labels, allowing the highly reactive labels to function at optimum efficiency for each sample. The OliGlo™ kits allow molecular biologists and clinical researchers to label or monitor genomic DNA or RNA samples, nucleotides or oligonucleotides for easy detection and quantification. Application: A number of agents have been described for labeling nucleic acids to facilitate detection of target DNA or RNA sequences. Suitable labels may provide signals detectable by fluorescence, radioactivity, colorimetry, X-ray diffraction or absorption, magnetism or enzymatic activity. It is essential that the labeling method not perturb base-pairing hybridization critical for preserving assay specificity. Nevertheless, several common methods including labeling by enzymatic incorporation can often lead to interference with the subsequent hybridization detection step, because current fluorescent labels are attached to the base (purine, pyrimidine) portion of the nucleotides where base-pairing and hybridization occurs. To remedy this, methods of direct labeling have been used with varying degrees of success. Direct labeling through phosphodiester and phosphotriester linkages on the DNA or RNA backbone provides the additional advantage of reducing the perturbation of base-pairing hybridization. The supplied standard labeling protocol will yield labeling efficiency of approximately 10 to 100 labels per kilobase of nucleic acid depending on the properties of the different labeling dyes and purity of the sample. We found that this labeling density is sufficient for most applications. Should there be a need for adjusting labeling efficiency, the end user can simply modify the ratio of labeling dye to nucleic acid as well as incubation times for the labeling reaction as necessary.
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