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Product Name Monoclonal Anti-cGMP EIA Kit without Acetylation
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Product Description (1) Based on the unique mouse monoclonal Anti-cGMP antibody It is the only EIA kit on the market with monoclonal anti-cGMP antibody (all other kits are based on polyclonal anti-cGMP antibodies). (2) No more hazardous chemical (acetic anhydride ) for your cGMP assay The monoclonal Anti-cGMP antibody has similar affinities for non-acetylated cGMP and acetylated cGMP. Thus acetylation with the acetic anhydride is permanently eliminated from the assay. (3) Super sensitivity and selectivity The monoclonal Anti-cGMP antibody displays>108 fold of selectivity over cAMP, GTP and other nucleoside analogues. The Anti-cGMP EIA Kit provides significantly improved sensitivity and selectivity over other kits based on polyclonal anti-cGMP antibodies on the market. (4) Shortest assay time and high-throughput format The Anti-cGMP EIA Kit is the best choice for drug screenings.
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Price $350.00
Specification1x96 well
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