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Product Name Millicell 24 & 96-well Cell Culture Insert Plates
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Product Description Millicell cell culture insert plates are a patented device designed to support cell growth and differentiation of endothelial and epithelial cell lines, including CaCo-2. The Millicell device is available with a 0.4 Ám PCF and a variety of PET membrane pore sizes. The plate is designed for maximum user convenience and incorporates features such as apical assist for easier pipetting and basolateral access. To reduce the risk of monolayer contamination, the membrane plates have feet to elevate the plate above the work surface when disassembled from the feeder tray. Tear drop-shaped receiver wells eliminate air bubbles as plates are assembled. Millicell plate are optimized to grow and sustain high integrity cell monolayers. Cells grown on Millicell plate membranes grow better than on plastic because the cells are nourished from both the apical and basolateral sides. Cell growth and function more closely mimic in vivo. Millicell plates are designed for analysis as well as cell growth and can be used manually or with automated cell seeding, feeding and washing systems
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Vendor Information EMD Millipore
MA 01821