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Product Name MarkerGene™ Live Cell Luciferase Assay Kit 
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Product Description Contains synthetic D-luciferin, the primary substrate of the firefly luciferase light producing system, as well as a luciferase assay buffer Application: This kit will perform 1000 assays using a microtiterplate format (100 uL reaction volume, 0.1 mM final reaction concentration). The synthetic beetle luciferin substrate contained in the kit is also available separately as a lyophilized powder, D-Luciferin M0237. Consult the Product information sheet (above) for more details on the assay protocol.
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Specification1 kit
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Marker Gene Technologies, Inc
1850 Millrace Dr
OR 97403
United States

Phone: 5413423760
Fax: 541 342 1960