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Product Name IMAPlateTM 5RC96
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Product Description a world's first miniaturized analytical platform, namely IMAPlate 5RC96, is capable of MANUALLY performing up to 96 individual liquid transfer, analysis, reaction and assay simultaneously. The unique features make the IMAPlate™ 5RC96 a very user friendly versatile labware for lab bench work in medical and life sciences. It can simply be used as a 96-channel fixed volume pipette to transfer samples from one 96-well plate to another plate or membrane for addition of sample, preparation of sample replicates, inoculation, or spotting. It can also be used as an absorbance and fluorescence micro-cuvette for full spectrum analysis and measurement of samples. It can replace the 96-, 384- and 1536-well plate for many applications with a working volume similar to a 1536-well plate. In addition, the IMAPlate is also an ideal device for the hanging drop 3D cell culture in which culture medium can easily be changed without disturbing the cells. It can be used to prepare spheroid micro-tissue and stem cell embryoid body, to screen compound on these micro-tissues, to clone cell, and to perform cell aggregation assay. If needed, the micro-tissues or cells alone can easily be transferred to any 96-well plate from the IMAPlate or the micro-tissue can be spotted on microscope slide directly from the IMAPlate.
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Vendor Information NCL New Conceptlab GmbH
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