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Product Name Custom iLenti™ siRNA
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Product Description Custom-made, ready-to-use iLentiTM and iLentiTM-GFP siRNA for transfection or infection. * A single construct for $85 * 4 constructs for only $275! * Guaranteed knockdown for any gene * Every construct with a GFP reporter * Less than the material cost, why do it yourself? Simply provide us with your gene's accession number for any target gene or siRNA target sequence and we will create the lentivirus siRNA construct for you within 2 weeks! Once we get your gene name, we will search our siRNA database of over 20,000 publications covering over 7,000 human and mouse genes. Then we will design four constructs with high knockdown efficiency against the target. If your gene of interest is not yet published, we will design four target sequences using our internal siRNA software. With four siRNA constructs, at least one of the constructs should give over 70% gene knockdown efficiency in appropriate target cells with over 70% transfection efficiency. We also have a scramble construct in our proprietary vector as the ideal control for your experiments.
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Price $275
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