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Product Name Custom Gene Cloning and Subcloning Service.
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Product Description "Logic Biosciences offers a custom PCR-based cloning service using a DNA sequence of your specification. Logic Biosciences will design and supply PCR primers to amplify the desired sequence from your DNA sources (DNA fragments, plasmids, cDNAs, genomic DNAs, phage or cosmid DNAs). Logic Biosciences also offers a custom RT-PCR-based cloning service. In this service, Logic Biosciences will design and supply necessary reagents including PCR primers and/or nested primers to amplify the target sequence from a cDNA library after first-strand cDNA synthesis of an RNA sample. You can choose to supply Logic Biosciences with either tissue, cells, RNAs or cDNAs from a target tissue that is known to express the gen of interest. Alternatively, Logic Biosciences can help you obtain RNAs or cDNAs from third commercial sources. The amplified PCR product will be cloned into a plasmid vector of your choice. All clones will be sequenced to ensure sequence accuracy. You will receive your choice of 10 ug purified plasmid DNA or a stab culture of the E.coli strain carrying the plasmid, along with a report of DNA sequence analysis. Logic Biosciences also offers a custom DNA subcloning service for your existing cloned genes. Logic Biosciences will perform necessary tasks including PCR amplification (when necessary), restriction digestion and mapping, DNA fragment isolation, ligation, transformation and confirmation of the resulting constructs by restriction mapping or DNA sequencing. You will receive 10 ug of plasmid DNA containing the subcloned gene or a stab of E.coli strain harboring the plasmid, along with either the result of confirmatory restriction mapping or DNA sequence. This gene cloning and subcloning offered at Logic Biosciences via the cloud biolab program is straightforward and can save you significant amount of efforts, which translates into significant saving in your time and money."
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Logic Biosciences
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Phone: (808) 428-7173
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