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Product Name Cell/Tissue DNA Extraction Kit(Spin-column)
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Product Description The Kit applies the unique binding buffer/ Proteinase K to rapidly lyse cells and inactivate cellualar nuclease, then DNA selectively absorbed on silica membrane in high salt solution, after that take a serial of elution- centrifugation step to remove cellular metabolite and proteins etc. Finally use low salt elution to elute purified genome DNA from silica membrane. Features The silica membrane in the spin-column comes from the world-famous company. Poisonous phenol etc not used. Procedure is simple and fast, single sample can be completed in 30 min. Multi-elution can ensure high-purified DNA, the typical ratio of OD260/OD280 is 1.7¡«1.9, and the average length up to 30Kb-50kb, which can be applied for PCR£¬Southern-blot and digestions directly.
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