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Product Name BxSeqTools
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Product Description Design Foolproof Cloning Constructs and Primers in just MINUTES! *Our cloning design systems are straight forward and easy to use. Instantly create virtual constructs with optimized primers while keeping the insert in frame. *Choose from a variety of cloning options: sub-cloning, PCR, gene synthesis, TOPO, or Gateway cloning. Simply select the insert, vector, ORF, restriction enzymes (if needed) and click. *It really is that simple! Get started right away--no software to download and easily open files directly from GenBank, import, paste, or open from the system’s database. *Safely store your sequence data on our servers and access from any computer. *Easily share all sequence data from primers, to vectors, to constructs between lab members or between labs. Prevent mistakes from selecting of incompatible/incorrect restriction enzymes or the wrong vector, making it foolproof and easy to use. All of this and more from BioInfoRx and BxSeqTools—a web based, sequence analysis toolkit designed by scientists for scientists. Learn more or Register for a free 30 day trial account.
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