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Product Name BioTeke 2¡ÁTaq PCR MasterMix
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Product Description PCR is one of most common molecular biology techniques in life science research. In order to get good results, researchers often have to optimize PCR conditions; especially those templates with high GC content or DNA sample purity is not high! "Optimizing the condition "has become the most time-consuming and laborious! Although in the market there are a lot of PCR-MasterMix contianing enzymes, dNTP, reaction buffer and it is user-friendly to use, but these PCR MaterMix only can be used for simple amplification, not suitable for complicated template because few companies optimized PCR conditions for wide range application. BioTeke Corporation spent a long time, numerous experimental optimization, and finally announced the availability of a wide range, stability, good PCR Mix, is the most "fool" PCR MasterMix, whether plasmid, culture, cDNA, genomic DNA, or DNA crude extracts, GC content of up to 75% of the template, can be easily amplified, without effort "to optimizing condition"! This product meets the needs of the majority of PCR reaction; Taq is added in the maximum. If there is non-specific amplification of PCR or ¡°noise¡± background, PCR MasterMix can be diluted to improve the PCR amplification results.
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