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Product Name AposensorTm Cell Viability Assay Kit & VisionBlueTm Quick Cell Viability Assay
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Product Description AposensorTm Cell Viability Assay Kit: Cell death (especially apoptosis) is an energy-dependent process that requires ATP. As ATP levels fall to a point where the cell can no longer perform basic metabolic functions, the cell will die. A typical apoptotic cell exhibits a significant decrease in ATP level. Therefore, loss of ATP level in cell has been used as an indicator of cell death. In contrast, cell proliferation has been recognized by increased levels of ATP. The ApoSENSORTm Cell Viability Assay Kit utilizes bioluminescent detection of the ATP levels for a rapid screening of apoptosis and cell proliferation simultaneously in mammalian cells. The assay utilizes luciferase to catalyze the formation of light from ATP and luciferin, and the light can be measured using a luminometer or Beta Counter. VisionBlueTm Quick Cell Proliferation Assay Kit: The VisionBlueTm Quick Cell Proliferation Assay Kit provides by far the most sensitive and easiest means for quantifying cell proliferation and viability. Simply add the single reagent to cell culture, incubate and read the fluorescence intensity. The VisionBlueTm assay utilizes the redox dye resazurin which is not fluorescent, but upon reduction by viable metabolically active cells, the dye becomes highly fluorescent (Ex = 530-570 nm; Em = 590-620 nm). Therefore, viable metabolically active cells can be easily measured.
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