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Product Name ApoSENSORTm ADP/ATP Ratio Assay Kit
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Product Description The changes in ADP/ATP ratio have been used to differentiate the different modes of cell death and viability. Increased levels of ATP and decreased levels of ADP have been recognized in proliferating cells. In contrast, decreased levels of ATP and increased levels of ADP are recognized in apoptotic cells. The decrease in ATP and increase in ADP are much more pronounced in necrosis than apoptosis. The ApoSENSORTm ADP/ATP Ratio Assay kit utilizes bioluminescent detection of the ADP and ATP levels for a rapid screening of apoptosis, necrosis, growth arrest, and cell proliferation simultaneously in mammalian cells. The assay utilizes the enzyme luciferase to catalyze the formation of light from ATP and luciferin, and the light can be measured using a luminometer or Beta Counter. ADP level is measured by its conversion to ATP that is subsequently detected using the same reaction. The assay can be fully automatic for high throughput and is highly sensitive (detects 100 mammalian cells/well).
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