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Product Name AIRô Small RNA Sequencing Kit (Illumina compatible)
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Product Description The AIRô Small RNA Sequencing Kit (Illumina-Compatible) is specifically designed to prepare small RNA libraries for sequencing on Illumina/Solexa platforms. Bioo Scientificís AIRô Small RNA Sequencing Kit streamlines the sample prep procedure required for the sequencing of microRNAs, piwi RNAs and other non-coding RNAs. This kit contains all the necessary materials needed to prepare RNA samples for loading onto sequencing flow cells for cluster generation including adapter ligation, first strand synthesis, PCR amplification, band separation and elution. AIRô Barcoded Adapters can be used to provide flexibility in high-throughput sequencing applications. They significantly increase scale and throughput while reducing costs by allowing the user to pool multiple library preparations into a single sequencing reaction.
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Price $995
Specification10 rxns
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