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Product Name SPoT-Light Topoisomerase II alpha Probe
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Product Description "DNA-topoisomerase II (Topo II or Top2) is a multifunctional nuclear enzyme required during DNA replication, chromosome disjunction at mitosis, and other DNA-related activities because of its ability to alter DNA supercoiling. In mammalian Morecells, Topo II consists of two isoforms, Topo IIa (170 kDa) and Topo IIb (180 kDa). Topo IIa plays an essential role in cell proliferation, especially during late S to M phase of cell cycle. Use with: Spot-Light CISH Polymer Detection Kit (cat. no. 84-9246) and Spot-Light Tissue Pretreatment Kit (cat. no. 00-8401)."
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