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Product Name MLN8237
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Product Description MLN8237 is a second-generation, orally bioavailable, highly selective small molecule inhibitor of the Aurora A kinase (serine/threonine protein kinase) with potential antineoplastic activity. [1] MLN8237 binds to and inhibits Aurora A kinase, which may result in disruption of the assembly of the mitotic spindle apparatus, disruption of chromosome segregation, and inhibition of cell proliferation. [1] After treatment in eight multiple myeloma cell lines with MLN8237 (0.0001 M C 4 M) for 48 h, the affect of Aurora A kinase inhibition and a marked effect on both viability and proliferation (0.01 M) was examined. Tumor burden was significantly reduced and overall survival was significantly increased in animals treated with 30mg/kg MLN8237.
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Vendor Information Selleck
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