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Product Name HISTOSTAIN-PLUS KIT (HRP, BS, 60 ml)
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Product Description "Histostain-Plus kits use 2nd generation LAB-SA technology and are ideal for general immunohistochemical applications. Histostain-Plus kits offer superior sensitivity without compromising background. They are designed Moreto detect mouse, rabbit, rat, or guinea pig primary antibodies that are bound to human tissue or cell antigens. Histostain-Plus kits are excellent for frozen and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections, cell smears, etc. These kits are very easy to use: all components are liquid (except Fast-Red) and come in dropper bottles. No reconstitution, no pipetting, no measuring is necessary, and the enzyme is conjugated to streptavidin to eliminate the preincubation complexing step. DAB chromogen yields a brown stain, AEC yields a deep red stain, and Fast-Red yields a bright red stain."
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