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Product Name Lumio™ Green Detection Kit
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Product Description The Lumio™ Green Detection Kit is a sensitive and highly specific kit for labeling Lumio™ fusion proteins prior to electrophoresis. The Lumio™ Green Kit enables immediate visualization of Lumio™ fusion protein bands directly in a polyacrylamide gel. Using the Lumio™ Green Detection Kit you'll:

Label proteins fused to a Lumio™ sequenceDetect nanogram levels of protein with a UV transilluminator, equipped with a standard camera, or a laser-based scanner
Visualize results immediately after electrophoresis—eliminate gel staining and western blotting

The Lumio™ Green Detection Reagent, included in the Lumio™ Green Detection Kit, can also be used for real-time detection of protein synthesis during in vitro transcription-translation reactions.
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