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Product Name ProLong® Gold antifade reagent
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Product Description ProLong® Gold antifade reagent is an improved version of the very effective ProLong® antifade reagent, a component of our ProLong® Antifade Kit (P7481). ProLong® Gold antifade reagent is premixed and ready to use—just add a drop to Moreyour preparation and mount. ProLong® Gold outperforms all other commercially available antifade reagents and causes little or no quenching of the fluorescent signal. As with our ProLong® antifade reagent, the ProLong® Gold will cure within 24 hours and the sample can be saved for months after mounting. ProLong® Gold offers excellent compatibility with a multitude of dyes and dye complexes, making it an especially valuable tool for multicolor applications. ProLong® Gold antifade reagent is also available packaged into five 2 mL bottles (P36934), or with DAPI nucleic acid stain included in the formulation (P36931, P36935).
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Specification10 ml
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