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Product Name AIR™ Barcoded Adapters Set 1: 10 Adapters
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Product Description AIR Barcoded Adapters enable the user to detect rare small RNA sample events amongst hundreds of samples, across several time points and even multiple genomes. Barcode sets were chosen based on uniform melting temperature (Tm) and sequences with unique color space. AIR Barcoded Adapters are pre-adenylated 3’ adapters that are blocked at their 3’ends. This eliminates the need for ATP during ligation, minimizing ligation to the 5’ phosphate of the small RNA pool and subsequent circularization. The barcoded adapters allow multiplexing of small RNA sequencing samples and can be used with the AIR Small RNA Sequencing Kit or with your own small RNA sample prep procedure. AIR Small RNA Sequencing Kit offers numerous advantages over the Illumina kit. It uses a faster procedure, it incorporates fewer gel purifications, it is compatible with multiplexing, it offers greater sequencing coverage and it is less expensive.
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Specification25 rxns each
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