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Product Name c-Jun ELISA Kit
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Product Description c-Jun is a transcription factor that recognizes and binds to the enhancer heptamer motif 5-TGA[CG]TCA-3. c-Jun forms homodimers and heterodimers with Fos and other jun-related proteins which, together, comprise the AP-1 transcription factor that binds TPA response elements (TREs). c-Jun therefore mediates transcriptional regulation in response to a variety of stimulants (1). c-Jun is tightly regulated posttranslationally and is phosphorylated in two distinct regions. Ser 63 and 73 are required to be phosphorylated for effi cient transactivation function. The kinases responsible for this modifi cation in vivo are the SAPK/JNKs (2,3).
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