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Product Description The MutS homologue 6 protein (MSH6) is a member of the MutS homolog family required in the DNA mismatch repair system (1). MSH6 forms a MutS alpha dimer with MSH2, binding to DNA mismatches to initiate DNA repair (2). MutS alpha bends the DNA helix and recognizes single base mismatches and dinucleotide insertion-deletion loops in the DNA (2). Heterozygous mutations in the MSH6 gene are a cause of hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC), forming a specific mispair binding complex with MSH3 (3, 4). The frequency of MSH6 mutation is higher in HNPCC than in atypical HNPCC (5). The MSH2/MSH6 dimer may also play a role in DNA homologous recombination repair (2).
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