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Product Name Premo™ FUCCI Cell Cycle Sensor
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Product Description Premo™ FUCCI cell cycle sensor enables live cell imaging of cell cycle and division – as cells progress through the cell cycle, fluorescence changes from red-to-yellow-to-green. Based on the BacMam gene delivery system, the genetically encoded and prepackaged reagents are ready for immediate use – there’s no need to purify plasmid or worry about vector integrity and quality. Transduction is efficient and reproducible in most cell types, including primary and stem cells, without apparent cytopathic effects. No lipids, dye-loading chemicals, or other potentially harmful treatments are required. In addition BacMam technology permits defined optimization due to the ability to precisely titrate expression levels. Simply add the Premo™ FUCCI reagents to your cells for 1-2 hours, treat with the BacMam enhancer for 1-2 hours, wash, incubate overnight, then visualize cell cycle progression in populations of cells using fluorescence microscopy or high throughput imaging platforms.
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