BioProduct : Molecular Biology : "Calcium Green™-1, AM *cell permeant* *special packaging*"
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Product Name "Calcium Green™-1, AM *cell permeant* *special packaging*"
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Product Description "The cell-permeant, visible light-excitable Ca2+ indicator Calcium Green™-1 exhibits an increase in fluorescence emission intensity upon binding Ca2+ with little shift in wavelength. Calcium Green™-1 is more fluorescent in resting   Morecells than fluo-3, which increases the visibility of unstimulated cells, facilitates the determination of baseline fluorescence and makes calculations of intracellular Ca2+ concentrations more reliable. Also, at high Ca2+ levels, Calcium Green™-1 is several times brighter than fluo-3. Calcium Green™-1 has a quantum yield of 0.75 at saturating Ca2+ concentrations, as compared with about 0.14 for fluo-3."
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Specification10 × 50 µg
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