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His6 tag quite problematic. - Is that true? (Jun/10/2005 )

Hi! I am about to do some protein expression and purification experiments in the near future and I have been monitoring this site for a couple of weeks now.

What I see is that the His6 tag method has been getting the most questions. Is it a difficult and cumbersome method, say, compared to the GST method or others ( I am not even sure how many out there since I am new to this)? If so, I may abandon my original plan to use His6 tag and use GST tag instead.

Any replies helpful. Thanks.



I guess His6 got many questions not because of it is problematic but because of it is popularly used. I have used GST and His6, I prefer His6 over GST.


Thanks for your reply dtle.

May I ask you why you like His6 better than GST? What are the reasons?

Another question: Can His6 fusion proteins be used to generate antibodies to your protein or does your protein have to be fused only with GST? I think I know the answer but am asking anyway.

Thanks again.



i think 6his is better than GST because it can be purified under denature condition