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How to get rid of OCT used in freezing section - Method (Mar/12/2005 )

I have some frozen sections, which were imbedded in OCT. I tried to stain them with HE, using standard protocols, but failed. Is it caused by the OCT? How to get rid of the OCT (It seems that xylene does not work)? Or I have to use paraffin to imbed the sample?


OCT is very water soluble, so you could try a quick water rinse before hematoxylin, then rinse with water until clear and begin your dehydration up until eosin.

what tissue are you trying to stain?


I agree with Finnbarr. Take your frozen section and fix it first (if it isn't fixed before sectioning). Fix it for 10 minutes in 10% NBF or 4% PFA in PBS. Then wash several times in PBS and then water. Then do your hematoxylin step and start dehydration up until Eosin, do the Eosin and continue on and finish dehydration, clear and coverslip.