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Autoclaving Glucose - (Nov/12/2008 )

edit: Gosh!! I forgot I was in another tab. Could the moderators help out? I'm sorry.

Dear all,

I've been cautioned against autoclaving glucose as they'd caramelize. Now, looking up on it I found differing method in sterilizing it. 1) autoclaving it separately 2) sterilized together with the MR-VP medium

So, has anyone sterilized their stock solution of glucose before? Will 50% v/v be fine? More? Less?

Thanks in advance!


Why not filter your solution with a .22 ┬Ám pore?


I autoclave 20% glucose, 121C/15min for use in plates to grow yeast and I dont have any problems with that.


For the time being I don't have the membranes with me and I need the glucose next week so I thought of sterilizing them this way. I need quite a high concentration of glucose 40-50% v/v so am not sure if that high a concentration would cause it to brown.


you can do 40%, a guy in my lab does and it does not go brown.


Will do. Thanks all.