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Eppendorf Multipette Plus - (Aug/25/2008 )

Just got one of these for our lab. I'm actually excited to aliquot some antibodies later today laugh.gif I do have a question though. I've read the manual twice now and it doesn't mention about not filling the Combitip all the way full. Let's say I have a 1.0 ml Combitip but only 0.4 ml of liquid. Do I just keep sucking up air to reach the 1.0 level? Or do I just stop "filling" when I feel all the liquid has been retrieved.

Thanks for any help if anyone knows about this or this type of product. For those that don't know, it's a digital pipette where, depending on your Combitip and your settings, you can suck up 1.0 ml as an example and then disperse 10 micro-l 100 times. Very handy for aliquots.


HiYa Matt,

just take up the amount you need and then dispense as required. You can take up the full volume or just half ... no problemo cool.gif