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Problems with DMSO,Salt out! - (Aug/22/2008 )

I am working on noscapine which is an alkaloid compound.according to the papars I have read,I should solve it in DMSO.But when I want to dilute my DMSO stock solution with water the compound precipitates sad.gifsad.gif
I tried medium with and without serum but It made no difference.
Any Ideas?
Please help me
Thanks in advance


perhaps diluted acid like HCl would help.


The Merck Index will list the solubility of most compounds in a variety of solvents and conditions. I agree that dissolving alkaloids in a slightly acid water often works, and is definitely worth a try.


Not sure if it's "salting out" - are you adding salt?

Suggest you contact the authors of papers you cited - bet they'd have an answer.


by salt I meant anything that is solved in DMSO...
I donot know if alkaloids are stable in the soluble acids or not?